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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

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striking women

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Dawn Garisch did some lovely critting of my stuff below on Slipnet

plot point

the villanelle

the close up

pulling out the stop

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Garden Angel

Garden angel

A connoisseur of the formally informal handshake,
Usually I gloss, grip and release,
Quick eyecatch, then it’s business as usual.

Chronic avoider of the most distracted kind,
Often missing names first-off,
I normally duck and dive,
But the day I  meet you,
Something shifting and warm
Under your twinkle moves,
A quiet laughter, gentle, amused,
And I understand gay,
Though I'm as straight as Nelson's column,
And I laugh too,
Just for the sheer joy of the morning,

And as the twins respectfully watch the upended lawnmower being coaxed
back to health,
We all find a graceful ease from your mystical, faraway Lake Malawi
Overcome the household,
Birdsong somehow more audible,
The light, different?

Even the lady of the house
Has a kind word to say
about your way with weeds
And, cynic that I am,
I find myself humming,
thoughtfully, almost consciously
'And did those feet, in ancient times...'




Of all of the passionate poets
Who ever engaged, held, or released me
(Go on!)
In 40 years of intelligent adulthood
(Theatrically lights ciggy, ignoring looks)
The winner is an Irishwoman
Who engaged me with
(Blows smoke ring)
excitement, intrigue, interest
(Exhales ecstatically into space),
So I choose to replay a broadcast
Of my teenage experience
Of a lazy lilting lass
(Stubs it out and eyes reader thoughtfully)
On the edge of losing it forever,
As her deeper delving
Delivered me from my dull lonepain,
Picking me up on an
Unstoppable wave of ideas and associations  as
(Faraway look)
Her canny Celtic clevers carried me into
A universe of undulating understandings,
(Naughty blue-eyed smile)
This gift that would govern every poem or person
I would ever truly enjoy -

That longago catchup conversation with my Mother.

Monday, July 08, 2013

old post

My Latest Amazon Kindle poetry books available here

A competition I won last year at the SA Writers College is called  In Search of the Poetic Impulse - My Writing Journey

A fun bit of writing from wayback is Waitin' for Fuzzy - I won the 2008 SA Writers' College Short Story Competition with this

Some published poetry on SLiPNet here and here 2 and here 3 and here again

Music here

A spider converses with God

A spider converses with God

You the sun light up
you my eyes and warm
you my body and move
you my legs across
you my web towards
you little gnat and I bite
you delicious neck until
you the food go still and I spin
you the thread over and around
you the prey and I deposit
you beloved egg and
you another egg and
you more eggs and I sit still,



No selfishness, doubt or anxiety
just the certainty of you,

When the heel, spray, child's stick comes
the you stops,
and becomes, finally,


Monday, July 01, 2013

let me turn your book into a kindle publication

Recently did a kindle book from word document to published kindle on amazon. Google Jenneth Graser Catching the Light on Amazon kindle. Decided to offer this service to the public. For R500 I will transform your book from word document to kindle, including a lovely cover if you'd like. Leave a note if you're interested. Google Ross Ian Fleming on the Amazon site for my own poetry books I have published. Cheers, Ross

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Ian Reid Fleming's new book at the festival

A book of short stories by Ian Reid Fleming is going to the Grahamstown Festival. Dry wit, juicy anecdotes and sly observation, anyone? Eighty-five this month, he has a great mind and, with the help of his daily exercise program, a strong body. The book will be availabel from the Van Schaik bookstore there at R80.00.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The poetry of the matter

Dawn Garisch did a lovely crit of my latest poem here on Slipnet. Finuala Dowling also did some nice commentary on my stuff similarly on A Day Job for Poets as well as No, Not, Never