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Thursday, July 05, 2012

An Honest Day’s work

Forbes.com headline – GM says Facebook ads don't work, pulls $10 million account

That sly old fox,

my grandfather,

appeared in a dream last night,

the old jawline uncorrupted by time,

the shoes firmly shone,

the light, modern, gentle, humorous;

and before the twinkling here endeth the lesson

and a three rand note tucked into my lapel

I somehow gathered that

today's youth had missed the point,

with their jolly internet surfing

and did I realize that

the economy is built on an honest day's work?

All this crouching around the blue screen of death meant

that someone had to be brought in to peel the potatoes

(probably outsourced to the Japs by now)

and we all need to pull finger

and the good book says

them that doesn't work doesn't eat!

There was a gem of wisdom in all of that,

but sadly it went unheeded

and i still googled the quote afterwards

and emailed the poem.

Some kids never listen

I tell you!

(The economy does seem to be in crisis though, doesn't it?)


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